Good Looking Loser's Sizegenetics Review (2014)

Good Looking Loser’s Updated Review of the Sizegenetics Penis Extender

Table of Contents:

0:00 Updated Sizegenetics Review (2014)
0:40 My initial success with the standalone extender (.4″-.5″ in about 6 months) from January-May 2012 even though I had previous PE experience
2:50 I recommend getting the full system IF you have the money, you’ll be able to wear it for long periods of time (90+ minutes)
4:20 Sizegenetics absolutely works IF you wear it for hundreds of hours (7-8+ hours a day)
6:05 Sizegenetics isn’t a «fun» device like the Bathmate, but it’s the best length device you can get
7:45 Chris’ predictions on how much you will gain
8:50 Who will benefit from Sizegenetics (guys who haven’t gained 1.5″ yet)
9:50 Who is unlikely to benefit from Sizegentics (guys who have gained over 1.5″)

Bathmate vs. Sizegenetics – Which is Better?

Chris discusses the similarities and differences between these two super-popular male enhancement devices.

Comparing these devices isn’t exactly fair.

It’s “Apples to Oranges,” as they say.

The Bathmate Hydropump is largely a girth device (although you absolutely will gain some length if you are new to PE). It only take about 15 minutes to use and it’s quite fun.

Sizegenetics, however, is largely, if not entirely – a length device.  It needs to be used for at least 7 or 8 hours a day for months at a time. It’s not as fun as using the Bathmate Hydropump. In the long run, however, it is significantly better if you are trying to gain length on your penis.

Chris talks about a few other differences in the video as well.

Sizegenetics vs. Phallosan Forte – Which is Better?

Both devices can quickly help you gain your first inch in length in about 6 to 10 months if you have never done any male enhancement before.

Both the Sizegenetics system and the Phallosan target length gains but there are a few differences between the two devices.

I explain these differences and in the video.

In short, I feel Sizegenetics is the better device made to wear during the day because I can take it on and off in a matter of seconds and because it is the more durable of the devices. It is also slightly more discrete in my opinion.

The Phallosan Forte, however, is slightly more comfortable and can be worn while you sleep – a big advantage if you plan to take advantage of your non-waking hours.

At the end of the day, both devices are quite good and will help you gain permanent length to your penis – if you wear them.

Is the Full Sizegenetics System Worth It?

I originally just bought the extender but then upgraded to the full system later. In my opinion – the full system is worth it IF you have the money.

I can wear the bare extender for 45 to 60 minutes but I can wear the full system (additional padding) for well over 90 minutes before taking it off to restore blood flow/comfort.

With the extra padding, you can wear it longer.

Ultimately, that translates into more/faster length gains.

The bare extender isn’t bad though and it’s significantly more comfortable than the 3 other extenders I’ve used.

I would get the full system if you have the money.  You will just wear it more often and for longer periods of time.

Why is Sizegenetics Not a “Sexy” Device?

Chris explains what he mean when he states that Sizegenetics isn’t a “sexy” device.

The device isn’t fun to use like the Bathmate Hydropump.

But in the long-term, Sizegenetics is the very best device for length gain on the market today.

General Questions About the Sizegenetics System

How Much Penis Size Will I Gain From Sizegenetics? (My Prediction)

Chris offers his prediction of how much size you will gain from Sizegenetics based on your experience level his results, progress logs in the Good Looking Loser Sizegenetics Forum and the clinical study.

How Many Hours Do I Need to Wear Sizegenetics to Gain an Inch of Length?

Chris offers his prediction to the EXACT amount of hours you need to wear the Sizegenetics penis extender to gain 1 inch in length.

The number he arrives at is 1330 hours. (1329.64 hours)

He explains how he reached this figure and how you should approach gaining an inch.

Over a 6 month period: you need to wear it 156.42 days (out of 182.5 days – 6 of every 7 days) for 8.5 hours a day.

This totals 1329.64 hours.

This is just a rough estimate for how long an inch would take via Sizegenetics for someone who is new to male enhancement.

What Comes With Your Sizegenetics System? (Unboxing Video)

Chris shows exactly what comes if you order the Sizegenetics system, including the unmarked white box, accessories and Sizegenetics extender/bars/padding, etc.

Can I Use Sizegenetics if I’m Uncircumcised?

The answer is yes. You will want to look into Ron Lowe’s ‘VLC/TLC Tugger’. It is an inexpensive device that will increase the comfort for uncut guys. It’s not mandatory, uncut guys have been using Sizegenetics for a decade but it’s an easy way to increase comfort.

Check out Elite´s Manliness review of the TLC Tugger and how to pair it with Sizegenetics

Will Sizegenetics Work for Experienced Guys (Already Gained 1.5”+)?

I mainly recommend the Sizegenetics system for guys that are new to male enhancement or guys that haven’t yet gained their first inch.

However, I was pretty experienced when I got Sizegenetics (I had done PE on and off for a decade) but I had never truly focused on length. I gained .5” in a little more than 6 months (Pictures NSFW) – but it was really the first time that I focused solely on length gains.

For guys that have already gained 1.5”+, Sizegenetics might help you get to 2” but you might want to look into ‘Hanging’. 

What is the Best Way to Travel with Sizegenetics?

Chris discusses the best way to travel with Sizegenetics and the concerns with doing so.

In short – you can take it on the plane but you should take it off and put it in the travel case before you go through security.

Otherwise, put it with your luggage using one of the methods I suggest.

Is There a Maximum or Minimum Size for Sizegenetics?

Not really.

If you get the full system, there are plenty of bars that can accommodate resistance for just about every size.

There are certain situations, experience concerns that you should be aware of however.

I recommend that guys have a starting size below 6” look into the Phallosan Forte but guys that are over 6” (regardless of experience level) use Sizegenetics.

Does Sizegenetics Increase Girth Too?

No, not really.

Any girth increases you experience is likely from jelqing or Bathmate.

At best, Sizegenetics could increase blood flow and thereby provide a slight increase in girth – but it’s mainly a device for penis length.

Is Sizegenetics a Legit Substitute for Stretching or Jelqing?

If you have never done any male enhancement before or are new to it, Sizegenetics can definitely be a reasonable substitute for stretching if you find the manual process to be tedious.

If you have a significant amount of male enhancement experience (gained upwards of 1.5”), then you will almost certainly have to stretch and jelq to get to 2” in length.

Sizegenetics was never meant to be a substitute for jelqing however.

Newbies and experienced guys still have to jelq or use a penis pump to encourage girth gains.

Can I Wear Sizegenetics to Sleep?

Yes, it’s not particularly comfortable however.

If you do, use the bare minimum tension. Your penis should not get blue or cold from a significant lack of blood flow.

The better “nighttime” male enhancement device is the Phallosan Forte. Sizegenetics, however, has certain advantages to the Phallosan Forte which I explain elsewhere in this Video FAQ.

How to Use Sizegenetics/Troubleshooting FAQ

Most Important Thing to Know About Sizegenetics (How to Make Length Gains)

Male enhancement isn’t not a complicated science.

The golden rule for Sizegenetics is –


What's a Good Newbie Routine to Use With Sizegenetics?

Use this beginner’s routine over the first thirty days –

3 Things You Need to Know About Sizegenetics

Chris discusses the 3 most important things you need to know about Sizegenetics if you are going to be successful and add length to your penis.

It is absolutely mandatory that you understand these.

The video expands on these 3 concepts –

  • Sizegenetics (or any length device) isn’t super fun to use but it works great if you wear it.
  • Gaining length is a marathon not a sprint
  • Golden rule:  The more you wear it, the more you gain. The less you wear it, the less you gain.

What Do You Do If Your Penis Gets Very Cold/Blue While Wearing Sizegenetics?

For one, take it off and restore blood flow to your penis.

For two, this situation isn’t totally uncommon and it’s not necessarily harmful.

You should understand why it happens and perhaps adjust accordingly.

What Clothing Can I Wear With the Sizegenetics Penis Extender? (Nudity)

Chris gives examples of which clothing is ideal to wear with Sizegenetics and which clothing won’t be as discrete.

Can I Pee While Wearing Sizegenetics? (Nudity)

No, take the extender off to go to the bathroom.

It takes literally 2 seconds to take it off. (Demonstrated in video)

General Male Enhancement Discussion

Does Penis Enhancement (PE) Actually Work?

Yes, it works.

The topic/industry has an awful name because a lot of stuff out there is a complete scam and the marketing is shameless.

The truth is – you don’t even need any devices or pills to gain size. Jelqing and manual stretching is free and works for everyone that dedicates themselves to it. I did manual exercises for years and gained over an inch in length and nearly an inch in girth.

The devices, the legitimate ones, make the process faster and more fun though.

How Can I Combine Sizegenetics with Jelqing? (Newbie Routine)

You can combine this routine –

With this Jelqing Routine for Beginners –

Week 1 – 5 minutes of Jelqing (every other day)

Week 2 – 10 minutes of Jelqing (every other day)

Week 3 – 12 minutes of Jelqing (every other day)

Week 4 – 15 minutes of Jelqing (every other day)

How Can I Combine Sizegenetics with Sizegenetics the Bathmate Hydropump? (Newbie Routine)

Chris describes Good Looking Loser’s Bathmate & Sizegenetics routine and discusses potential concerns and the order in which to combine them.

The full newbie routine is here-

PhilTheViking’s intermediate version is here-

Should I Jelq Before or After Using Sizegenetics?

It’s up to you.

Jelqing in the morning, before you wear Sizegenetics for the day, has it’s advantages though. If you lack girth, jelqing will immediately give you a little more girth to secure your penis in the extender.